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Interior Design

Interior design and visualizations of interior design

Interior design

With us the interior design is the result of full understanding of needs of customers with the application of ergonomic and aesthetic rules to harmonize the overall concept, with the sole aim to design comfortable living.

Graphic designs of the interior arise from the combination of ideas of clients with mastering the requirements for modern, functional and healthy living.

With our background material you can realize a harmonious interior of your home, yourself. When should you use our services?
Whenever you want to avoid possible problems /financial, temporal/ in realization of new interior space or problems with use of the space itself.

  • Furnishing a new apartment, home, office, commercial space.
  • Reconstruction of premises.
  • If you do not have any idea of the layout of furniture, accessories, lighting.
  • If the space shall comply with specific purposes of use.
  • If you have a furnished and fitted interior and you would need a change, we will advise you.


How does the cooperation look like?

The first meeting places emphasis on getting the most input information. In what style do you want your interior furnished, who will live in it, all what you expect from the new space, what will be the subject of our services and consultations? Setting a financial budget for the interior design, material equipment, advisory services, ....

The next meeting is already going on with the proposed solutions of the space, object / layout, design /. The details are adjusted with the client and after approval, the actual materials are selected: doors, floors, finishing of walls, lighting, tiles, furniture, decorations. The schedule of works, the technological procedures, the schedule of material orders and equipment as well as the assembly works is drawn up.


The list of the interior designer services:

We offer complex services or just some of the possibilities:

  • Graphic processing of proposed design in 3D format /photo-real layout of the future interior/
  • Technical Data Sheet /exact size of the layout, preparation of documents for the actual realization/
  • List of the used materials and equipment /furniture, sanitary ware, floors, walls, lighting, accessories/
  • List of suppliers of the used materials and equipment
  • Documentation supplied in electronic form on CD
  • Colour prints of prepared documents
  • List of recommended materials for realization with respect to the quality, price and warranty
  • Consultancy regarding the choice and purchase of materials and equipment
  • Expert technical consultancy
  • Selection of household accessories
  • Supervision of construction at the project realization